e-Business Solution


e-Business Solution
At NexGen, our e-business solution experience consists of using the "best-in-class" Web-based technology and streamlined business processes to electronically unite your business with your suppliers and customers. e-Business solutions operate across multiple enterprises using the Intranet/Extranet to bring your customer the ultimate in customer care and service.

Intranet Solutions
Enables your employees to access corporate enterprise information and collaborate on diverse cross-functional projects. We have successfully migrated entire corporations from disparate messaging, workgroup, and post office systems to centrally managed messaging, collaboration, document management, workflow with distributed self-service access to each employee.

As an example, NexGen migrated a leading energy company from multiple mail systems and a variety of client browsers to Netscape SuiteSpot fully managed with Mission Control. The benefit was a significant reduction in maintenance and client problems. We translated and migrated mail accounts, deployed centrally-managed, consistent client configurations, planned the corporate roll-out, and trained each employee on the basics use of browsers, e-mail, discussion areas, and news groups.

At a leading petroleum company we deployed a corporate Intranet, based upon OpenText Livelink with full document management, collaboration work group areas, discussion groups, and workflow processing for key business forms. The benefits: reduced maintenance, distributed administration, dynamic formation of workgroups, and improved efficiency in making information accessible to everyone.

Extranet Solutions
Enables suppliers, partners, and key customers an exclusive view into your enterprise. We have successfully deployed secure business partner sites to allow your business partners access to key information and interact with your employees and business systems.

As an example, NexGen is currently working with a top telecom company to provide suppliers access to the their latest product testing results on supplier equipment. The benefit to each supplier is insight into the testing process and results without interaction from the company's employees.

We also provided a national trucking company a secure extranet messaging and load tracking system to determine location of shipments a and allow employees and spouses to communicate direct from their trucks to the office and home via the Internet. This system improved efficiency in tracking shipments and improved employee communication to a typically remote set of users.

Where It Works
Internet Solutions to present your public view of your business via the Internet, tying together your Internet consumer channel, extranet, and back office systems. We understand the Web channel and how to integrate your Internet site with your existing channel, front office and back office systems to enhance your business. We have successfully re-engineered "static" Web sites and decoupled back office systems into complete e-business over the Internet. We worked with the company to provide a complete solution including business re-engineering, design, development, and hosting. We have designed a system (custom developed using Allaire ColdFusion, Oracle, Netscape Directory and Messenger servers) which couples their external Web site general information with a secure extranet for clients to interact with their business. Clients can now check on the status of their job search and job opportunities on-line. The entire business Intranet is run securely over the Internet to provide their employees immediate access to client job offerings and candidate information nationwide. They have become a true e-business company. Regardless of where your business exists in the electronic marketplace, NexGen can enable your e-business. Whether you are just starting out or have already implemented several point solutions, your business can benefit from NexGen experience in providing a full e-business perspective.

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