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Business Intelligence Solution

Today, companies are undergoing an unprecedented pace of change as mergers and acquisitions, deregulation, and global economic realities clearly alter the competitive landscape. Companies that can quickly restructure and assimilate change into their organizations will survive and grow and even take advantage of change. In this climate, companies must have an accurate and flexible information environment to help provide strategic decisions and monitor business performance.

Enterprise Technical Services/Infrastructure Solutions (ETS/IS) is a business line within NexGen Professional Services that is designed to offer expert foundational solutions and frameworks, system consulting and system integration services to solve business problems. These services provide analysis, planning, design, implementation and management computing solutions with proven methodologies and best practices utilizing certified expert professionals. These services include Data Marts, Data Warehousing, Networking Design and Implementation, SANS Design and Implementation as well as Data Center Design Consulting and Hosting. Additionally, as an Strategic Implementation Partner for Embarcadero Technologies NexGen Professional Services aids companies in the implementation and training for Embarcadero's DT/Studio, the premier enterprise ETL tool in today's market.

e-Business Solution
At NexGen, our e-business solution experience consists of using the "best-in-class" Web-based technology and streamlined business processes to electronically unite your business with your suppliers and customers. e-Business solutions operate across multiple enterprises using the Intranet/Extranet to bring your customer the ultimate in customer care and service.


GIS and Spatial Data Management Solution
In conjunction with Enterprise GIS Solutions, Inc., NexGen is able to bring to your business environment the ability to answer a variety spatial and GIS questions, such as "Where, What, Who and most importantly, WHY". NexGen and EGSI will show you "HOW". As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A properly designed GIS solution is worth millions in cost savings and benefits for large and small companies alike.

From client, client-server to Web based GIS services, the flow of spatial information technology and the subsequent decision support technologies can be readily accessed from your entire existing Enterprise.


Enterprise Data Modeling / Data Architecture
The organization of our data is often a direct indication of whether or not the data will ever be accessed efficiently. The way in which data will be organized must be planned through an organized design process, starting with the data analysis, continuing through the grouping of similar data, and ending with a methodological categorization of these data groups. Each group is named and related to other dependent and associated groups. The resulting diagram is called a logical data model; well-developed logical data models reflect the business usage of the data, irrespective of how it is or will be stored.

Logical data models are often used as a basis for physical data models. In the physical world, data's organization is based upon additional requirements, including the means by which the data will be accessed, the required data-level security, the anticipated volume of data, the geographic distribution of the data, as well as other factors. Physical database design prepares the data for its software - the supporting design of the data store is often very dependent upon the types of software being used to create, access, update, and delete data instances as well as its execution from clients, servers, mainframe processors, the web).

When data is organized and modeled with a limited scope or perspective, the resulting database always ends up becoming short lived. The secrets to successful and efficient data access are excellent design backbones, both logical and physical.

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