Business Intelligence Solution


Business Intelligence Solution
Today, companies are undergoing an unprecedented pace of change as mergers and acquisitions, deregulation, and global economic realities clearly alter the competitive landscape. Companies that can quickly restructure and assimilate change into their organizations will survive and grow and even take advantage of change. In this climate, companies must have an accurate and flexible information environment to help provide strategic decisions and monitor business performance.

Technology Challenge
Data Warehouse is a set of processes and technologies for managing what is often considered a company's most valuable resource - it's information. It provides the ability to extract, integrate and transform data from disparate sources into information that supports the decision-making processes of a company. It also holds the promise of providing company executives, managers and analysts with a rich, easy-to-use business intelligence environment for questioning, exploring and mining the company's information in search of new knowledge for competitive advantage.

Data Warehousing projects can be very challenging. The question is 'How can a project build for the long term and at the same time gain momentum and deliver immediate value?' At NexGen, this balancing act is delivered through our NexGen Incremental Warehouse Methodology. NexGen build the long-term plan through the initial framework phase of our methodology as we establish project sponsorship, the delivery organization, and an architectural foundation for the data warehouse. We then focus on delivering immediate value by delivering high value information content to decision makers in a series of short, focused project iterations. Each warehouse iteration is built and integrated into the long-term foundation established during the framework phase.

The NexGen approach minimizes project risk and increases business value by creating an architectural foundation for data warehousing and continually delivering tangible benefits to the business in a rapid, iterative fashion. Our goal is to deliver a series of increments that deliver value back to your business every 90 to 120 days. Additionally, each step is integrated along the way so that we can deliver the long-term goal as we go.

A tremendous amount of experience and understanding of the technical, business and cultural factors critical for the success of data warehousing. Experienced consultants that can understand and deliver your company's information requirements. An approach and methodology for high-value and cost-effective implementation. Strategic relationships with our technology partner, resulting in optimal, best of breed solutions.

Where It Works
NexGen has a great track record of success. We have successfully applied our Incremental Warehouse Methodology to projects across many industries and problem domains including consolidating financial environments for reporting and analysis; electronic relationship management (eRM), segmentation and campaign management; sales analysis; high tech manufacturing production yield analysis; network performance monitoring and capacity planning; and churn reduction. The technology leaders deployed in our projects have included Oracle, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Express, Hyperion, Essbase, Cognos, BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy DSS Suite, Visible Decisions In3D, Ardent DataStage, etc.

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