Infrastructure Solution


Infrastructure Solutions
Enterprise Technical Services/Infrastructure Solutions (ETS/IS) is a business line within NexGen Professional Services that is designed to offer expert foundational solutions and frameworks, system consulting and system integration services to solve business problems. These services provide analysis, planning, design, implementation and management computing solutions with proven methodologies and best practices utilizing certified expert professionals.

Enabling Business Through Technology
Today's competitive and fast changing marketplace introduces many challenges. Rapidly changing hardware and software technologies can have a profound impact on a business. Issues such as strategic direction, ROI, hardware and software selection, systems integration, system architecture, and application and database tuning can cause tremendous problems if they are not totally understood and accommodated. Hardware and software implementations often are not successful due to misunderstood technology. ETS/IS has the business and technology knowledge that drives successful projects and can address client's core business issues and objectives. Clients have wisely chosen to bring in, NexGen, people who are experts in this area, people who will provide the solutions required without the time and expenses needed to train additional employees.

Integration of Leading Partners to Solve Business Problems
By developing partnerships with leading technology companies, we develop the very best expertise and apply the processes and methodologies to help you rapidly achieve the highest return on your technology investments. The focal point for ETS/IS' success is the ability to transfer current leading-edge technology knowledge, create repeatable procedures and leverage our experience in design, maintaining and exploiting system capabilities. ETS/IS brings together complete offerings of enterprise professional service solutions for Infrastructure Solutions including:

  • Network Management & Design
  • Data Center Design Consulting
  • Data Warehousing/ETL
  • Data Architecture
  • SANS Management & Design
  • Database Engineering
  • Data Replication
  • System Management & Tunning
  • Remote Database Management
  • Database Performance Tunning
  • Product Installation
  • Web Consulting, Design & Development
ETS/IS is a NexGen consulting practice that is dedicated to providing leading edge solutions utilizing vendors such as SUN, HP, Netscape and Oracle. We have over three hundred consultants throughout the south central and southeast regions that build architectural solutions to meet business requirement. These clients range from small shops to Fortune 500 companies.

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