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GIS and Spatial Data Management Solution
Not surprisingly, more and more companies are recognizing the that a vast majority of their data is spatial in nature (has a place in space on the earth, commonly called X,Y). Combine the spatial components with their associated attributes, a very powerful new medium for making decisions appears.

Technology Challenge

Most companies today have a variety of GIS data sources, internal, third party, legacy and derived. How one accesses, validates and serves this GIS data to applications of their choice is about the most common problem facing any information based organization.

Nexgen offers the following integrated solution for assessing, analyzing and managing your valuable spatial data.


The following graphic represents the roles Enterprise GIS Solutions, Inc. and NexGen provide to assess and design the applicable technology and infrastructure that is right for your business processes.

Utilizing "State of the Art" technologies from the world's leading GIS vendor Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), we can apply the proper solution to fit your business requirements. The ARCGISTM suite of applications such as ArcMap, ArcIMS (Internet Mapping Services) and ArcSDE (Spatial Database engine), are the leading edge solutions for Enterprise GIS and Spatial Database Management.

As an ESRI solutions Business Partner, NexGen has access to all the latest technology and the developer's behind them. ARCGIS is a very customizable and scalable suite of technologies that can fit any business need.

Where it Works

NexGen consultants have over 20 years expertise in oil and gas related Mapping, GIS and Spatial Database Management. From Seismic Data Management companies to Tobin International, and land survey and asset collection data company, Nexgen specialists have designed, customized and implemented a variety of integrated systems, both for scalable client server and the internet.

In addition, these principals have worked with a variety of oil companies such as Mobil/Exxon, Conoco/Phillips, BP/Amoco and Marathon.

Utilizing energy related standards for databases (Oracle) and Data Models (Public Petroleum Data Model - PPDM) and GIS (ESRI), we have everything your company needs to succeed at the Enterprise Spatial and GIS Technology level.

For additional information regarding our Spatial Data Management and GIS Solutions contact:

Tom Ripley, Sr. GIS Consultant

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